Do you find yourself wondering.....What the heck is a ZZZ?  How do I make one? Why would I want to?

Don't fret, over the eons many a noted sage has asked the very same questions.

Please read Miscellaneous System Configuration Items (ZZZ)!


This ZZZ enables printing a logo on your OE Invoices that are printed out of Update shipped orders and print invoices (USO) or Re-print invoices & register (RPI). You will need to specify what image is used, where it is placed on the page, and what colors to use for text, backgrounds, and lines on the invoice.

At this time there is no way for you to upload your own logo.  Please contact the AMS Helpdesk who can load the image for you.

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Print Logo On Invoices
bg color 1, bg color 2, line color,logofile,start loc, pos offsets
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Determining Colors

You must specify the colors.  if you leave them out the entry will be invalid, resulting in a normal ARF delivery.  That is you will not get a PDF with your logo on it.

You must set colors for the invoice.  If you do not want to use custom colors you can use the following colors to define the "stock" AMS colors. This is the light blue background with dark teal lines.


If you do want to customize your colors you will need to specify them in RGB values.  A good way to do this is to "pull" colors from the logo that you are going to use.  In order to make the process easier I recommend using a color picker tool like ColorPic http://www.iconico.com/colorpic/.  Once installed on your PC you simply point at the color you want to grab and the program will tell you the RGB values of that color.

Determining Image Position & Size

Positioning the image is done by specifying pixel offsets in the Left & Down axis.  As well as scaling & or "Zoom", 100 in the zoom field means 100% scale to image, 50 would be 50% image size.


See Below for examples

Example below of a left push.

Example below of a down push

Example below of a Zoom level increase.

Increasing the zoom level over 100 will result in a blurry image!  If you find you need to use a value of over 100 then you choose a higher resolution image.

Back-end Setup Notes For AMS Staff

Hello AMS people.  Logo files need to go in \AmsServer\V1\***COMPANY***\Pub\LOGOS.  A decent resolution to shoot for is about 150 tall.  You can resize easily in SnagIt.