AP - Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable system is an all-purpose package that fully integrates your accounts payable distribution to other key modules in the AMS system. It will automate the check writing and paying processes and will provide detailed status for each vendor and invoice within a specific time period. Management information can be presented in hard copy report format or by using on-screen inquiries.

The Accounts Payable system will provide open invoice aging, on-screen vendor inquiries, on-screen invoice inquires, manual check integration, and a systematic check clearing operation to help facilitate bank statement reconciliations. 
AMS Accounts Payable is a full-featured application and includes the following major features:

  • Multi-period processing permits entering invoices and manual checks into any number of open periods without loss of date-sensitive reporting.
  • User-defined data retention scheduled for invoice batches and A/P history.
  • Vendor invoices and history can be viewed onscreen or printed.
  • Integration with the AMS General Ledger provides distribution from the A/P Expenses Journal and the A/P Check writing and Cash Journals.
  • Ability to upload invoice entry from a spreadsheet.
  • Integration with the AMS Profit Analysis Application.
  • Interactive Screen for batch entry of invoices and manual checks. This permits on-screen review and correction of entries and batch control totals within open batches.
  • Monthly A/P expense journals can be re-posted into open General Ledger periods.
  • No required period-end purge procedures.

Following the links below you can find Step by Step How-To instructions for common AP tasks and detailed documentation on each menu option.