Taking Inventory Counts From A Tablet


This feature enables you to perform inventory counts by utilizing your Tablet registers or laptops.  Perform counts more quickly and with more accuracy than previous methods.  Add value to your tablet register.  Utilizes inexpensive bar-code scanner.

Make work fun again....well maybe not.  Better anyways.

“A good scanning inventory program is better than sliced bread”

Karen Reyes

Inventory Control Manager | Boisset Collection

“The inventory module works great!  It saves me at least an hour of data entry.”

Christine Cureton, CTA

Retail Sales Assistant Manager

Ferrari- Carano Winery

“We really love the new screen! It reduces our error rate and saves so much time not adding up dozens of sheets of paper.”

Marjorie Swertfager

Logistics & Compliance

Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards

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This video covers minor changes to the process of inventory counts that you may wish to know.

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  • Take inventory counts from any device running windows.  Tablet, Laptop, Convertible, etc.
  • Scan bar-codes using any windows compatible bar-code reader.
    • Recommended unit from Amazon
  • Can be used with or without bar-codes on products
  • Save time! No count worksheets, no entering counts from worksheets into the system

Feature Setup & Control

No setup required.

If you wish to upload pictures to make your products easier to identity please see the page below.

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Feature Overview & Examples

See overview video.