Do you find yourself wondering.....What the heck is a ZZZ?  How do I make one? Why would I want to?

Don't fret, over the eons many a noted sage has asked the very same questions.

Please read Miscellaneous System Configuration Items (ZZZ)!


This ZZZ enables printing a logo on your AR debit and credit memos from Print DRs and/or CRs on a laser printer (PDL). If your customers are setup to receive emails the emailed PDF will also contain the logo and color you set here.

You will need to specify what image is used, where it is placed on the page, and what colors to use for text, backgrounds and lines on the invoice.

At this time there is no way for you to upload your own logo.  Please contact the AMS Helpdesk who can load the image for you.

Setup Instructions!

The setup for this ZZZ is exactly the same as OE Invoices Logos.  Please see that page here OEINVCSTM


Free Form Data Examples

Print Logo On Invoices
bg color 1, bg color 2, line color,logofile,start loc, pos offsets

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