Convert Will Calls to Ship Sales

Thirty, sixty, ninety days have passed since the initial club run and will calls are still remaining on the books.  Most wineries will convert any remaining will call club orders and convert them to a shipping order after a specified length of time from the initial club run in order to get the liabilities off of the books and to make room for the inventory for the next club run.  In order to do this, AMS converts the shipping code for the wine club order to the shipping code on page 2 of the customer record, which adds the appropriate shipping amount from the Maintain Shipping Charges (MSC) menu, and adjusts the tax rate according to the zip code of the shipping address. 

If you have will call shipping codes set up on Page 2 of the customer record then AMS will bypass those orders and they will not be converted.  You can do a search in Customer Management (CRM) to make sure you don't have any customers with a will call shipping code on Page 2 by selecting Shipping Code on one of the search selections and the will call shipping code. 


To convert your will call orders to ship sales, start in Order Management (PSORM.ORM) and select Work with Groups.  Once the group is selected, select Will calls only in the third search box and de-slect the status of On Order, Shipped, and Void.  Select Work with Checked.

If you don't make the selections below and you select every order in the group the system will bypass all of the orders that are not will calls and that have previously declined.

Select Convert Club Will-Calls to Ship and then select again.

The next step is to tender the orders which will charge them for the adjusted shipping and tax.  Select back to orders to go back to the group.  Once in the group, select the orders that were just converted to shipping, select Work with Checked, then Credit Card Approval. 

If there are many orders in your group and it is hard to tell which orders were just converted you can  only check On Order status, since these orders will now have a Ready to Verify tender status.  If you still have multiple declines in the group you can sort the orders by the amount due by clicking on the Due column.  Any orders that have a small amount due, since it will only be the shipping and tax, are going to be the orders that were just converted.


If there are any tender errors in the orders, the system will give a warning to fix the orders.  If tender errors are not fixed, the orders will not be able to be sent for approval.  If necessary select Fix tenders and then select Start Sending, if not necessary just select Start Sending.



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