Creating Club Packages for a Wine Club Group

This step will tell the system, based on wine club and wine preference, what the package is for this wine club run.

Click the blue Package Maintenance button (or press F4) to continue.

Wine Club: Fill in the first wine club code that you will be creating a package for

Wine Preference: Fill in the first wine preference code (for the previously selected wine club) that you will be creating a package for.

Both Wine Club and Wine Preference are maintained on the Wine Club page of each customer record. 

Hit enter to bring up the next set of fields (quantity, part number, etc). 

This is where you will tell the system for the selected wine club and wine preference combination, what wines/parts the system should add to each of their orders. For this example we will use our Basic Wine Club and Default preference (red and white wine).

Quantity:  Fill in the quantity for the first part in the package

Part Number: Fill in the part number for the first part in the package. The part number is something that should be jotted down/known prior to using this screen. However, if you do not know the part number you can find it in the Part Grid (INFMM.PAG).

Price and Discount%: Though the price and discount percent are listed here, you should leave these blank and let the pricing setup in the system control what pricing is reflected in the order. Once we reach the preliminary orders step you will verify the pricing is accurate before creating your permanent orders. This removes some of the potential for miss keying in a price or discount.

Fill in a row for each part number that will appear in the package.

 You can create a Non Stock part number for a Newsletter so that your warehouse knows to pack a newsletter in each of the boxes if necessary.

Press the Enter key (or click the blue Accept button) to accept your package. Repeat the above steps for each wine club/wine preference combination.

 Regularly we will see wine preferences with different bottle quantities but the same part numbers/preferences, i.e. Red and White 3 bottle, Red and White 6 bottle, Red and White 12 bottle. We have built in a recall data function so that you can copy the part numbers and update the quantities for the new preference code. 


After filling in the new club/preference combination and hitting enter to bring up the green quantity/part number fields, select the Recall data button (red arrow above) to populate the previous entries in the screen and update the quantities. 

Once All Wine Club and Wine Preference combinations for this club run have a package setup select the Done Button to return to the Group Screen.

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