Creating Preliminary Orders for Wine Club Group

Now you will need to build your preliminary orders to check for any pricing, compliance or credit card expiration errors. 

Select the Build Preliminary Orders (F1) button. 

You’ll see a message advising you of the number of customers you’ve selected.  

Clicking No (above) or pressing F2 cancels the preliminary order build and returns you to the prior screen.  Clicking Yes or pressing F1 builds your preliminary orders and takes you to a grid screen to review them for errors.

Select Yes to continue and build your preliminary orders. 

Note: Pricing errors as shown above supersede any other errors that might also be present. You cannot build permanent orders from any order with a pricing error.

First correct the pricing error, to do so double click on the first order with an error. 

Note: The part that has the pricing error. If you have access to the Maintain Pricing and Discount screen, update the price. If you do not, have the correct person that does have access to update pricing make the correction for you.

For this example we need to rebuild preliminary orders to clear the pricing error and see what other errors come up. 

Click on Selection Parms to go back to the Club Select screen. 


Select Build Preliminary Orders to rebuild the preliminary orders. 

Errors will appear in the status column. These errors can be compliance errors, card expired or incomplete. Each order will need to be looked at to determine the root cause of the error and the customer updated to clear the error. Once all errors are worked through, you will again need to build preliminary orders (repeat prior two steps).

If you have hundreds or thousands of orders you will probably get many more errors than our example.  Uncheck the Status OK box to see only preliminary orders with errors.


 If you try to continue without either fixing or deselecting orders with errors you’ll receive a warning message:



Clicking the OK button, or pressing F1 is your only option.  So click OK to continue.  You’ll be taken back to the prior screen where you can deselect the offending orders.

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