Creating a Wine Club Group in Order Management


From the ORM screen, press or click F6-Work with Groups to create a new group.

On the Group Selection Screen, press or click F2-New Group to begin defining your new group. 

On the Group Maintenance screen, complete the following.

Group Description: Fill in the group description to be used for this wine club run. Use a description that will help you quickly find and determine which wine club run the group was created for. As a recommendation, use a description that begin with a number – perhaps the numeric year and month - so groups can be sorted by its name into a meaningful sequence.

Group Type: Select the Wine Club radio button. (Ship-To Import and Other are used by non-Club utilities and processing functions.)

Click Accept or press Enter key to continue

Optional Override Codes

These are usually left blank which will cause the program to use the default TTX transaction code specified for the $ Register, or the default club shipping code from Page 3 of the customer record. However, there are times when being able to specify that program defaults be overridden comes in handy. Here is where you could make that happen. Examples follow.

Transaction (TTX): This is normally left blank and the default transaction code for the $ Register will be used.  However, if you process your will calls from a separate location or have a No Charge Club (Growers or Comp) you may need to use this field to override the default transaction code. A No Charge TTX would need to be used for comp clubs to ensure the transaction tracked properly as No Charge and the comp clubs are not charged for their wine. For Will calls that need a separate location from shipments (warehouse vs tr) if they are processed in separate groups then a separate will call transaction code can be used that flags them with the TR location (LOC codes are embedded in TTX codes). 

Shipping (SHP): This is normally left blank and the default club shipping code from page 3 of the customer record will be used. If you have a club that will be receiving a different shipping rate across the board for a promotion or special offer then you can use this field to override the shipping code from page 3 of the customer record for ALL customers that will have an order generated in this group.


After adding your group you are returned to the Order Group Selection Screen.

To use the group you just created and open in Order Management, double click its name from the list or click to highlight, then press or click F1-Select Group.



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