Rerunning Decline Cards

A wine club metric that is commonly measured by all wineries-the decline rate or credit card failure rate.  Regardless of what the beginning number is when the club batch is first run, the goal is get the decline rate as low as possible.  Once the batch is run, it is easy to run declines in mass instead of doing individual orders.  For clients that are using the AMS web cart, many of their customers will update their credit card on file online. Instead of going in to each club members account as they update, credit cards can be run in mass as many times as necessary to save time.  Also, by doing the credit cards in mass, credit cards that declined for lack of funds on the particular day could approve the next time it is run.

Declined cards are run from within the club group in Order Management (PSORM.ORM).  The entire group of orders can be selected and the system will bypass any orders that have already been approved or only the declined orders can be selected.  Once in order management, select Work with Groups and double click on the appropriate group.  In the third drop down choose Declined tenders and select Refresh and then Work with Checked.

From here, it is very similar to Sending Credit Cards for Approval for a wine club batch.  Select Credit Card Approval and then Start Sending.

Once this is finished, the option to send out declined card emails to the orders that still have declined tenders will appear, along with sending out approved card emails. 


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