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Managing a wine club can be extremely profitable to a winery.  To run your wine club efficiently one needs to have access to updated customer information, credit card information being pertinent.  AMS has a search option to find all expired or soon to be expiring credit cards so that the customers can be notified.  The email can be sent through AMS if you are set up to use the AMS email templates or a spreadsheet can be built and the email sent through mail merge or a third party email marketing service.

Using AMS email template for customers with expiring credit cards:

Start in PSFMM.MOC (Maintain Order Controls), Email Templates - WIP migration to MET.

Set up or review expiring card email template.

In Customer Management (CRM) pull your list of wine club members with expiring cards by using the 1st drop down "expiring credit card before MY", when you select this search option add the month and year of your choice in the search box below or use the default of the current month and year.  In the second drop down select either  "wine club members" or wine club (active only)" and the clubs in the search box below.

If you choose wine club (active only) you will be excluding any wine club members that have an inactive status on their wine club page in the customer master record on the day that you are running your search.

Hit the refresh button to see your search results.


If you want to send an email to the entire search result then click the worked with checked box.  Otherwise uncheck the customers you do not want to send an email to or manage your checks by using the manage checks button.  Once you have all the customers selected that you intend to send an email to  select the worked with check. 

The next screen will show the statistics of the customers selected and it will also have options for exporting customer information or for building reports.  In this case, select the send expiring cards email button on bottom left.

Before sending the email there will be an option to create contact entries for the customers that will receive this email.  If tracking all customer contacts, select create contact entries and the appropriate fields for the contact.  This saves a lot of time from having to manually add contact codes to each customer record that received an email. 

By adding a contact code specific to sending out an expired cc email you can later go back to measure the amount of club members who responded to the email and updated their card.

Email has been sent!

Using mail merge or outsourcing emails

Start in Customer Management (CRM) and continue with the same process above.  Once the customers have been selected that will be sent an email, instead of selecting send expiring credit card email (which will not show up if the template is not set up in the MOC, Email Templates - WIP migration to MET), select build email spreadsheet, build spreadsheet, or build CSV.  To understand the differences between these options, see Build Spreadsheet vs Build Email Spreadsheet.




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