PSWCM.WCG Wine Club Grid


The Wine Club Grid shows you all of the membership information contained in your database. Use it for historical analysis, or for routine reporting of wine club joins, cancels, and signup commissions. 

The utility looks exclusively at wine club membership records and is significantly faster than using an advanced search in CRM.  Note however that the grid shows memberships, not headcount.  So a single customer that repeatedly joins and cancels will appear in the grid as many times as their membership starts and stops. 

For a historical analysis, to gauge the tenure of current and canceled membership, there is no better source for membership information. 

Where Is It Found


  • Filter by date ranges: Active, Ended, Club Beginning, Club Ending
  • Filter by Club UDC or Club Source Code
  • Export to Excel for tallies and statistics

Feature Overview & Examples

The image below shows memberships filtered by Wine Club Code: WC

Here’s an example of date filtering showing joins in Club WC in the month of August 2019

Arrange and sort columns as desired.  When you like what you see, right-click on the grid and export it straight into Excel …