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Once it is time to give up on the orders with declined tenders, these orders can be voided in mass in  Order Management (PSORM.ORM).  Once logged into Order Management, select Work with Groups and double click on the appropriate group.  In the third drop down select Declined tenders, select Refresh, and Select Work with Checked.

The Voiding in mass function does not have to be done within a group.  Declined tenders can be selected from within the main Order Management page, but in this example we only want to void declined tenders from a particular club.

Next select Cancel/Credit Orders Screen.  There are 3 options depending on the orders selected, Cancel Declined Orders, Cancel Untendered Orders and Cancel Tendered but Unapproved Orders.

In the selection above the orders are declined orders, in order to cancel them the Cancel Declined Orders need to be selected and then selected one more time. 

If any of the orders receive a system generated message of Bypassed, then try selecting one of the other cancel orders buttons.  For example, if you selected cancel declined orders but some of them were bypassed, the orders were probably tendered but unapproved orders.  See examples below.


The Cancel Declined Orders is for orders that have been sent for approval and have declined.  Cancel untendered orders are orders that do not have a tender type attached to them, for example if an order was created and suspended before choosing a tender type that order would qualify for the Cancel Untendered Orders.  The cancel tendered but unapproved orders would be for orders that have a tender line but they were never sent for approval, for example if permanent orders were created in a batch but mistakes were found before sending for approval the orders could be canceled by selecting Cancel Tendered but Unapproved Orders.


Example of Declined Order:

Example of Cancel Untendered Orders


Example of Cancel Tendered but Unapproved Orders




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