Creating Permanent Orders for Group

Once the preliminary orders have been built, run the Print Selected Orders report to scroll through all of the orders before creating permanent orders. 

Running the Selected Orders Report is a critical step to ensure the orders are correct before creating permanent orders.  If permanent orders are created and a mistake is found, those permanent orders will have to be voided.  If the mistake is found before the permanent orders are created, then the problem can be fixed and the preliminary orders can be rebuilt.

Once work with checked in the the preliminary order screen has been selected, then select the Print Selected Orders report.

With any report, if you are not sure what fields are required, hit enter and you will receive a warning or error message.  For example, when a date is not entered in a report you might receive a message like this:

Once you get the message "No errors found"  than you can stream your report.

Here is a sample of how to run the Print Select orders report to get a report of the preliminary orders.  If there have been other orders created with the same batch date of your preliminary orders,  be sure to specify the $ register in the Register codes field.


To search for parts or customers in the report, use the binoculars in the top left of the report or control F on your keyboard. 


If there are no mistakes on the report, delete the report and create permanent orders.  If mistakes are found, correct and rebuild the preliminary orders and re-run the Print Selected Orders report.


Once permanent orders have been created they will now be in the group created for those orders.  From within the group, select all or some of the orders, and work with checked to be taken to the order management screen to send an email or send the credit cards for approval in mass.  If using the AMS email templates double check the template in the MOC, Email Templates - WIP migration to MET before sending the email from ORM.  At this point in the order processing, the only email template that can be used is the Order Confirmation email.  To send out an order confirmation email before approving the credit cards, select the "Print, Extract, Email" button and then select the "Email: Order Confirmation" button.

If you have multiple tasting rooms and you have email templates set up for multiple tasting rooms, whatever room you logged into when you logged into Order Management is what will trigger which email template will be sent.  Be sure to proofread the Email Templates - WIP migration to MET for the specific room you are logged into.  To check this click on the gliff on the tasting room field in the upper left corner and select one of the tasting room codes besides the wild card.



Even if you have multiple tasting rooms set up in AMS you may only be using one email template, in that case you would only have one template set up for Tasting Room * and no matter which room you log into in ORM it will pull from the * template. 


Or if skipping the Order Confirmation email, then go to the next section on Sending Credit Cards for Approval


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