Batch Parameters on Club Select Screen

In this step we will tell the system what clubs to select and build orders for, based on the packages setup in the previous step.

Click the Club Select (F5) button on the right of the screen. 

Batch Parameters

Batch Date: Fill in the batch date for this wine club run. Batch date is used to determine Pricing, Sales Tax Rates and is used for the credit card expiration date check (to determine expired cards in the preliminary order stage).

Note: Your batch date cannot be a date After you will charge the credit cards, it must be a date ON or BEFORE your first run (initial) card processing date. This is extremely important if a club run will be processed at the very beginning of a month. For example, make sure you do not set a batch date for April 2 and try to charge the cards on March 31, this will cause errors for your accounting department and you will not be able to mark any shipments as picked up until the April 2 batch date.

Batch Sequence: The batch sequence for your wine club orders will usually be batch sequence 01. 

Projected Ship Date: Fill in the expected projected ship date for the wine club, this does not have to end up being the exact physical ship date. This field is also used to determine Club status for shipments. If a member wishes to skip a shipment make sure they are put on hold THROUGH the expected ship date that you fill in here or they will receive a shipment.

Wine Club Selection Parameters

This portion of the screen is where you will tell the system what clubs and preferences to create orders for. The system will go out and look at each customer record and generate orders for any customers that meet the criteria listed here.

Wine Club Codes: For each wine club code that you created a package for you will need to fill in the wine club code. There are only three fields, so if you have more than three wine clubs you will need to do the following steps a second time for the remaining clubs.

Note: If you have club members that are in more than one club (and you have more than 3 wine club options) you will want to consider processing each club as its own group (Step 1 Add new Group). This will ensure that a wine club member has an order generated for each wine club they are in rather than only one club.

Wine Preference Codes:  For each wine club that was previously selected, also select the wine preferences (all on one line) that you would like an order created for. In the end you should have information that correlates to every package setup in package maintenance for this group.

Optional Parameters

These optional parameters can be used to select or eliminate specific customer groups from within your selected wine clubs. These optional parameters are rarely used though we will describe them below with an example of what they do.

Wine Club User Defined Codes: To limit the selection of customers to those that have a specific user defined code on their wine club in their customer record (wine club page).

Customer User Defined Codes: To limit the selection of customer those that have a specific user defined code on page 2 of their customer record.

Wine Club Shipping Codes: This will limit your generated orders to those customers who have only the specific wine club shipping codes (page 3 of the customer master). This might be used if you wanted to process orders for states that would take longer to ship prior to processing your regular club orders and/or will calls.

Customer IRW Select: This is a standard IRW select field where you can use available IRW codes (CTY=, MKT=, RGN=, etc) to select a specific subset of your club members.

Reject Customer Setup After: The most commonly used is the reject customer’s setup after. If you wish to automatically reject customer’s setup within a close proximity to your wine club run you can do so with this field.

Select Customers Joined in Range: This field could be used to go back through and catch anyone that signed up for a wine club after the initial club run was done. This would only be done if you were absolutely sure your new members wanted to receive the shipment. Any that did not would be placed on hold.

Event Code: If a code is filled in here it will be added to each order generated in this group and reports can be run based on that event code after the club run. If you wish to track and report easily on your wine club run for year over year shipments (same shipment period) you can create event codes to link to all orders in a club run.

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