Sending Credit Cards for Approval

The final step in order to receive the money for your wine club is to select the Credit Card Approval and Start Sending button.

If PC Charge is your payment processor this step should only be done when the tasting room is not open and running credit cards for tasting room sales.  Since PC charge processes one credit card at a time, depending on the amount of orders you are sending in mass, this step can take several hours.

If Shift 4 is your payment processor this step can be done at anytime since Shift 4 can process multiple credit cards at one time.


 Once the credit cards are finished processing there will be several print and send options.

If sending decline, approval or expired emails from within AMS, make sure the email templates are set up in the Email Templates - WIP migration to MET.  If selecting any of the email options, the system will notify the user if an email has not been sent or has already been sent to the customer regarding the order selected.  For example, if selecting Email: Declined Notification to customers on the screen, a pop up box will appear with a notice of how many emails have already been sent, how many emails have not been sent and how many orders do not qualify for an email.  An order does not qualify for this email if it did not decline.  If any user had already sent a declined email for a group of orders, the message would have read something like "5 emails have already been sent and are ready to resend, 7 orders don't qualify".  To proceed, there would be an option to only send emails to the customers who have not been sent an email or to send and re-send so that customers that have already been sent an email will be sent another email reminding them that their card is still declined.

If it is necessary to extract the declined customers information and use another source to email them, proceed to the group in order management by selecting Done and Back to Orders.  From the group, click the third drop down search to select Declined tenders.


To extract the customers information in order to reach out to them, select Work with Checked, then select Print Extract Email, and select Build Bill to Spreadsheet.


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