Grape Contract Management

The Grape Contract Management is where you record and manage contacts for your grapes in the bulk wine system.  It allows you to establish contracts, clone contracts from one vintage to the next, specify and modify payment information.

Matched with weigh tags it becomes the basis for your grape payments, and the cost of both your grapes and wine.   It can assess brix penalties, bonuses, or other penalties you define.  And you can use it to record grape costs which may not be paid to the grower; such as hauling or other charges.

For example, using Grape Contract Management you can:

  • Record the terms of your Grape Contacts
  • Locate a contract or contracts with easy to use simple or compound searches
  • Work with contracts selected in your search
  • Edit a contract or contracts
  • Work with master contracts
  • Specify penalties to be calculated by the system
  • Locate contracts by
    • Intended use
    • Crush plant
    • Grower
    • District
    • Appellation
    • Vineyard
    • Grape variety
    • Vendor
    • Vintage
    • And more
  • Establish acceptable brix ranges and automatically calculate brix bonuses and penalties
  • Manage fixed length and evergreen agreements
  • Send payment vouchers to Accounts Payable
  • Split payments between two vendors
  • Add cost elements to grapes and wine
  • Locate completed contracts and open contracts