Analysis Sample Labels


Save time & increase accuracy taking samples for your lab.  Print analysis sample labels directly from AMS.

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  • Prints Analysis Sample Labels For:
    • Tanks
      • Select up to 15 Analysis Codes
    • Barrel Groups
      • Select up to 15 Analysis Codes
      • For representative samples select number of sample barrels
    • Individual Barrels
      • Select up to 15 Analysis Codes
      • Select up to 7 barrel attribute types
  • Pre-View your labels before you print
  • Share your existing BLASTER printer used for barrel tracking or purchase a dedicated blaster printer
  • Flexible printing option, can print to a configured printer for speed and ease of use or pick a printer each time for flexibility
  • Scan QR code to accelerate analysis entry in BITAM.TAM Analysis Management!

Feature Setup & Control

Use Bulk ZZZ SAMPLPRNTR to control default printer selection.

Feature Overview & Examples

Step 1 - Start TSI

Filter for any combination of Tanks or Barrel Groups and choose "Work with checked", then "Print Sample Labels"

Step 2 - Analysis Sample Labels Main Menu

A summary of your prior selection is shown.

Choose the type of labels you would like to print.

Step 3 - Code Selection

Choose the codes you would like to print on your labels.  Code set will differ depending on the type of label.

Step 4 - Print

Choose your print options, Print!

Hardware Part Numbers & Consumable Supplies


Contact AMS to purchase

Part number: DBD42-2085-G1S

Cognitive TPG DLXi 4in, Direct Thermal


Part Number: RL2961RD – Direct Thermal for Above Printer

If you are using your existing barrel printer, you will need thermal transfer labels that are compatible with your ink ribbon. In that case, you need RL2961RT.

Optional Scanner for Analysis QR Code

Configuration of scanner required before use, Contact AMS to purchase

Motorola DS-4308, P/N: DS4308-SR7U2100AZW