Customer Default Templates (MCT)


Customer master templates are used when adding customers via the quick add screen, via customer management or when a customer creates an account on your shopping cart. The templates are used to pre-fill in certain fields in the customer record, so that staff is not required to fill in each field on page 2 or page 3 of the customer record each time they add a customer.

A customer master template is usually create for each state that you ship to, using that states abbreviation for the template code. This template is used for all Retail customers when adding them in to your database. A second set of templates are created for club signups that contain the necessary fields to flag your new customer as a club member with the proper customer type and price type fields.

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Not all fields are required to be filled in on a customer template. The fields that are blank on the template will be blank on the customer record and need to be filled in each time a customer is added to the system.

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