Print DRs and/or CRs on a laser printer (PDL)


This screen is used for printing or reprinting of debit and credit memos. There are multiple different selection options to select DR and/or CRs and only the laser printer lets you define the copy types.

This is also the only option that can be used to How to send Debit and Credit memos via email ARTPM.PDL (PDL).

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Feature Overview & Examples

Print batches entered by: This field is used to print batches entered by a single user.

Print Debits only, Credits only, or Both (D, C or B): Choose whether you want to see DR and/or CR or Both.

Print only batches not previously printed or Re-print by batch range or date. (P/R): Choose if this is the first Print or if it is a Re-print.

Batch ID range for Re-print: Enter the batch ID when re-printing or

Date range for re-print: Enter the date range when re-printing.

Form types: If using Form Type (FTT) choose your form here.

** Please note that when using any of the three below options the fields in the box above are ignored.**

Customers: Optional - Enter the customer number for the DR/CR you want to print.

Days past due: Optional - Use when requesting only DR/CR past due.

DR/CR numbers to re-print: Optional - Enter DR/CR numbers to print individually or up to 14 at a time.

Printed DR/CR memo Delivery: Choose your method of delivery. View will generate the results on your screen, Print will autoprint your results, Discard will delete your results (not recommended), Inbox=AmsUser will put the results in your or the user you want to send it to AMS inbox, Email=Address will auto email the results. For more detail info on document delivery options see Understanding AMS document delivery

Register Delivery: Same options as above for Dr/CR delivery.

Laser copy types (Y/N): Up to 6 optional copy types you can define.

Customer copies according to the electronic delivery rules?: If using the email option this should be set to Y, otherwise always set to N.

Electronic Delivery Overrides: Optional subject for emails and optional body text.

If using the optional emailing feature

Above is the recommended set up when you are using the email feature.

Printed DR/CR memo Delivery: Setting this to PRINT will print any DR or CRs that did not email, for instance if a customer is not set up to email for one reason or another.

Laser Copy Types: Setting all copies to No or you will get multiple copies

Customer copies according to the electronic delivery rules?: This must be set to Yes or it will not send emails.