Coupon Maintenance (CPN)


This document will show you how to set up the two different types of coupons in AMS. We support both shipping and product coupons When creating the coupon, you'll decide if it replaces or supplements existing discounts, can be used with other coupons, or used more than once.

Coupons are a great tool because you can run any point of sale report and measure the success of the coupon. When running a special for both product and shipping, two separate coupons will need to be made but the customer and clerk can combine the coupons and use them on one order. When creating a coupon you can either copy an existing coupon and make any necessary changes or create a new coupon from scratch.

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Coupon Maintenance (Coupon Management Screen)

Coupon Maintenance is where you’ll manage your coupons.  Here you can add, change, lookup, or delete coupons.  It is the only screen in the system used to maintain coupons.

The Coupon Management Screen shows existing coupons.  Using filters; show only Shipping Coupons, only Product Coupons, or both using check boxes found in the upper right of the screen.

Each of the four pull down menus provide additional filtering capability, we will go over this further down in the document.

Searching for Coupons

Although it’s possible to delete coupons after they’ve been used, you’ll have more complete information if they’re left in place.  As time passes you’ll accumulate a number of coupons.  Our Coupon Management Screen makes it easy to quickly locate coupons you’re looking for.

In the sections below, we describe available filters for searching and selecting coupons

Selecting a Coupon

Either double click your coupon in the grid, or highlight it with a single click, then click the “Select Current Row” button along the right side of the screen (arrow, below).

Adding a New Coupon

Begin by clicking the “Add Coupon” button along the right edge of your screen

Next, enter your Coupon ID and press enter.

Note: What is the Coupon ID?

A Coupon ID is the unique identifier, or name, for the coupon.  It can contain up to 10 characters including numbers, letters.  Your coupon can also be communicated as a URL (a link your customers can click) if you’re using the AMS shopping cart.

Coupon Controls

Coupon controls, described in sections below, specify the features of your coupon. Such as effective dates, discount type, multi use or not, use with other coupons, and overriding price or quantity discounts.


Your Description field is up to 30 characters, which allows you to be more descriptive, yet it’s short enough to display on AMS screens when a Coupon Code is entered. Description accepts numbers, letters, spaces, and special characters.

Long Description

Your Long Description provides even more space, 256 characters, to describe your coupon.  Long Description is for internal use, it doesn’t display in areas of the system a customer would see.

It’s a good place to document why the coupon was created, and its expected benefit.  When working with history, at some point in the future you may not remember the details of why a coupon was used.  A thoughtful Long Description leaves less to chance.

You can search for up to 30 characters within your long description using the Coupon Management Screen.

Discount Type

There are two discount types: Shipping and Product.  A coupon can either impact Product Pricing or Shipping Cost, but not both in the same coupon.

If you want to achieve both, it’s possible to create two separate coupons and permit them to be used together.

Effective Date Range

Effective Dates specify when a coupon is valid.  Enter (or lookup) dates for beginning and ending dates.

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Your qualification section specifies if the customer has to do something to qualify for the coupon, or not. 

You may condition the coupon’s use on spending a certain amount of money, buying more than a set number of bottles, or buying specific products.

Or you can have coupons that don’t require the customer to do anything other than present the coupon to qualify.


The Discounts section is where you’ll specify the economics of your coupon.  Choose from:

  • Percent off order
  • $ Amount off order
  • Percent off a list of products
  • Part specific $ amount or % discounts
  • Percent off shipping
  • $ Amount off shipping
  • Set a specific shipping amount (overrides normal shipping calculation)

The choices you’ll see in the Discounts section of the screen are controlled by your election of Discount Type in the Coupon Controls section of this screen.  There are two Discount Types: Shipping or Product.

Notice, selecting the other Discount Type (upper red box) changes your Discounts options (lower red box):

Product Discounts

Coupon discounts are either for Products, or for Shipping.  Product discounts allow giving a Percent Off the order, Amount off the order, Percent off products you list, or discounts specific to certain listed parts.

All Product Discount features are accessed by first selecting the Discount Type “Product” using the radio button in Coupon Controls on the Coupon Header Screen.

The different discount options are explained in each section below.

Shipping Discounts

Coupon discounts can be either for Products or for Shipping.  Shipping discounts allow you to give a Percent off Shipping, Amount off Shipping, or to specify a certain $ amount to be charged.

All features related to Shipping Discounts are accessed by first selecting Shipping Discounts in the Coupon Controls section of your Coupon Header Screen (red box, below).

Changing a Coupon

Coupons may be changed as needed. Begin by selecting the coupon you wish to change from Coupon Maintenance (first screen), by double clicking the coupon.

In this example, above, we’re choosing the coupon DOCUMENT (blue highlight in list of coupons).  After double clicking, you’re taken to the Coupon Header screen.

Make any needed changes and press the Done or Save buttons to record your change.

Deleting a Coupon

We recommend against deleting coupons Your Coupon Maintenance screen makes it easy to locate a coupon, or to hide coupons no longer active so they don’t get in the way.

It’s possible to delete coupons, but you’ll have a lot more complete information if you don’t. 

Being able to look up a coupon in your Coupon Management Screen gives more information about what the coupon offered and why (good notes in the Long Description field can be a valuable recall tool).

Deleting a coupon will also cause reports to error out if you needed to run any sales reports on orders generated using the coupon.

If, despite our advice, you still wish to delete a coupon, here’s how.

From the Coupon Maintenance screen (your first screen), double click the coupon you intend to delete.  This will take you to the Coupon Header Screen shown below.

Click the Delete button to delete your coupon

You’ll be asked to confirm your deletion.

Click the Yes button to confirm your delete.  If you’ve changed your mind, choose the No button to cancel your deletion request.