Mapping Entry Type (ETP) Codes

Determine what Entry Set ID the Entry Type Code has Associated with it

Entry type codes are maintained in central table ETP. These codes are used on each Profit Analysis batch to determine the type of expense and what specific or generic label that expense is associated with. The entry set id is located underneath the description on each entry type code and determines what set id you will use when mapping each entry.

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Use MAX Table, Maintain Tender to GL Cross Reference, to Map Entry Type Codes to GL Accounts

The MAX table will use a combination of Customer Financial Code, Part Financial Code (based on label code) and the Entry Type Code (expense) type to map to specific General Ledger accounts. Once you have determined the set ID for the entry type code you will be mapping, fill that ID in on the first page of the MAX table. 

From this point you will follow the same instructions for mapping as outlined in the MAX table article.