Order Management (PSORM.ORM)

ORM is short for Order Relationship Manager.  It’s a powerful easy to use tool to locate orders, view information about them, and take action on orders you’ve selected.  ORM is your best tool for working with orders and wine clubs.  It is also integrated with Ship Compliant for those customers who use Ship Compliant for your compliance needs.

For example, using ORM you can:

  • Process your Wine Club
  • Locate an order or orders with easy to use simple or advanced searches
  • Work with orders selected in your search
  • Edit an order
  • Add the order to a group
  • Move order from one group to another
  • Get credit card approval
  • Print or reprint packing documents
  • Print order invoice(s)
  • Ship order(s)
  • Relieve will call order(s)
  • Cancel order(s)
  • Remove order(s) from group(s)
  • View order(s)

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