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The AMS wine club processing module supports the processing of regular, periodic shipments of “packages” to a set of customers selected using various coding and statuses found on the customer master.  It supports credit card approval, printing of shipping documents, shipping orders and inventory and sales updates. There are specific steps for running a wine club that are generally followed by most AMS clients, these steps are outlined below. This section will also cover custom wine clubs or custom club runs.

Steps for Processing a Wine Club

  1. Send expiring credit card email- Expiring Card Email
  2. Verify all customer shipping and pricing codes are correct prior to club run
  3. Create a wine club group in Order Management- Creating a Wine Club Group in Order Management
  4. Create club packages- Creating Club Packages for a Wine Club Group
  5. Create preliminary orders- Creating Preliminary Orders for Wine Club Group
  6. Fix compliance errors for preliminary orders
  7. Create permanent orders- Creating Permanent Orders for Group
  8. Send credit cards for approval- Sending Credit Cards for Approval
  9. Extract orders for warehouse or UPS/FedEx- Extracting Orders for Shipment
  10. Import tracking information and mark orders as shipped- Importing Tracking Information
  11. Run updated card information for original declines- Rerunning Decline Cards
  12. Convert will call orders to ship orders after X number of days- Convert Will Calls to Ship Sales
  13. Void decline orders after X number of attempts- Voiding Club Declines


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